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Extending Project Governance for SOA use none none encoding toproduce none with code 39 Every organiza none none tion"s journey to SOA adoption must begin somewhere. Some organizations may take a very top-down approach based upon direction from the Chief Information Officer (CIO) or other senior IT leader, while other organizations may begin with a grass-roots effort from within the IT organization, often times during a single project. This chapter will begin the story of Advasco and describe the beginning of their SOA journey, which falls into the latter.

Through their initial experiences you will learn about the role of SOA governance within the typical project governance efforts.. Java programming language Beginning the SOA Journey Spencer walked none for none in through the main doors of Advasco, a leading financial conglomerate, on Monday morning knowing it was going to be a busy day. He was part of the Enterprise Architecture team at Advasco, and immediately headed for his weekly meeting with his boss, Elena, the Chief Architect. "Come on in, Spencer," she said.

"As you know, we"ve been given a big challenge over the next few months." Late last week, the head of the sales and marketing for the insurance division announced that they needed to improve the way they interacted with their customers. Advasco began as a typical financial services company, but had recently expanded into the insurance area through acquisition.

They began by acquiring a company that provided homeowner"s policies in several Midwest states. Over the next few years, Advasco had acquired several other regional insurance companies. This resulted in an increase in the number of insurance products that it offered, as well as turning Advasco into a nationwide provider.

Unfortunately, Advasco was struggling to increase the number of insurance products per customer. Analysis of the situation had determined that while the sales staff of the original organizations had been combined, each of the different insurance products relied on different. Extending Project Governance for SOA applications f none for none or customer management. As a result, it was far more difficult for the sales agents to know what insurance products any given customer had. After discussing it with Mike, the IT manager supporting insurance products, IT was given the task of providing the sales agents and marketing staff for the insurance division with a single view of the customer.

Elena then said to him, "I had a meeting with Mike to discuss their new initiative to provide a single view of the customer to the sales agents and marketing staff. While he has some great developers in his area, he asked me if Enterprise Architecture could provide some architectural guidance to their effort. Given the excellent integration work you did when Advasco acquired our first company in the insurance area, I think you"d do a great job on this effort.

" "It certainly sounds like an exciting project," said Spencer, "I"d love to help out. Just last week, I met with my own insurance agent and saw first hand the frustration he had in trying to see the different insurance products that I have for my family." "I"m glad to hear that," said Elena, "I"d like you to meet with Mike today and start coming up with an architecture for the effort.

I know you"ve been reading about SOA. Perhaps this effort can serve as a good pilot for some of the techniques." Spencer agreed.

He left Elena"s office and went to his desk to set up a meeting with Mike. This was going to be an exciting effort. This initiative was highly visible within the organization, since Advasco"s customer approval rating had been taking a beating over the past two years.

In addition, Elena knew that Spencer had been researching SOA. In his reading, he felt that SOA had great potential to change the way that Advasco built applications. This effort would provide an opportunity to try out some of the technologies associated with it.

Later that afternoon, Spencer met with Mike to go through the existing applications. Mike said, "Unfortunately, the situation is a mess. Right now, the application that handles our auto insurance business is completely independent from the application that handles our home insurance business.

The same thing is true for the life insurance business. They each have their own databases, requiring our agents to enter all of the customer information in multiple times. It creates a nightmare for our billing department, especially when trying to compute discounts for multiple policy holders.

These applications have all been built using different technologies, including COBOL, VB.NET, and Java." Spencer said, "Well, let"s take a managed approach to this effort.

Which are the two insurance lines where we most frequently see repeat customers ". [ 20 ].
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