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Download at WoweBook.Com using barcode drawer for j2se control to generate, create pdf417 image in j2se applications. iPhone 4 . To insert an icon in to a Bubble, follow these steps: 1. In the Bubble Properties pane, click on the Bubble icon button ( ), to display a drop-down list of available icons, as shown in the following figure:. 2. Click on the icon PDF417 for Java that you want to add to the Bubble. You can add an icon to any Bubble, on any kind of Frame (except Decision Frames), by using this option.

However, you should use icons sparingly and consistently (that is, always use the same icon to identify the same kind of information and across all Topics in your Library).. If you add an icon t o a Bubble and then subsequently decide that you do not want to use an icon in the Bubble, then you can select the blank square in the upper-left corner of the icon drop-down list.. Changing the Bubble Text The most important a spect of the Bubble is the text inside it. This is what tells the user what they should be doing, or looking at. Fortunately, UPK provides a great deal of flexibility in determining what text is displayed, and how this text appears.

. [ 119 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com Editing a Topic Template Text versus Custom Text Most of the Bubble P j2ee PDF 417 roperties pane is taken up by the Custom Text field; this is the yellow area in the center of the pane. This is where UPK gets interesting. In the images below, compare the text in the Bubble Properties pane on the left, with the resulting Bubble, which is shown on the right.

. You will notice that the Bubble contains more text than is in the Bubble Properties pane. Why Well, the text that is displayed in a Bubble is (potentially) composed of two distinct elements: Template Text and Custom Text. In the example above, Click the Decimal Notation dropdown button to activate the menu is the Template Text.

This is inserted automatically by UPK when you capture the recording, based on the context of the action that you are recording (which we looked in the section on the Action Properties pane, above), and the Templates (which we will look at more closely in 12, Configuring UPK).. In the example above PDF 417 for Java , the Use Template Text button ( ) is selected. This indicates that the Template Text will be displayed in the Bubble, regardless of whether or not any Custom Text is specified..

The text Under Decim al notation, select the format in which you want decimal numbers to be displayed is Custom Text. This is text that we, as the developer, have entered ourselves. When we first record the Topic, the Bubble will contain only the Template Text, and the Custom Text field (in the Bubble Properties pane) is empty.

Adding Custom Text is all part of adding value to a recording, and covered extensively in 9, Adding Value to Your Topics. The recording itself only captures key-strokes and mouse-clicks nothing more. If we want to explain why the user needs to carry out the action, or what will happen as a result of this, or put any kind of business context around what they are doing, then we need to include Custom Text.

. [ 120 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com 4 . Using Custom Text To add Custom Text t javabean PDF-417 2d barcode o your Bubble, carry out the steps described below: 1. Go to the Frame for which you want to add Custom Text. 2.

Enter the required text in the Custom Text field (the big, yellow area) of the Bubble Properties pane. 3. If you will also include the Template Text in your Bubble, then include an additional line break either before your custom text (if the Template Text is to be displayed first) or after your custom text (if the Custom Text is to be displayed first).

This is necessary because by default UPK will show one text immediately after the other, on separate lines, but with no inter-paragraph spacing. Determining which texts will be displayed, and in what order, is explained under Choosing which texts are displayed, ahead. For our example, we want to provide some additional guidance on the Decimal Notation field in SAP.

The screenshot below shows our Bubble Properties once we have entered this custom text into it:. The effective use of Custom Text is covered extensively in the section Providing context in Bubble Texts of 9, Adding Value to Your Topics.. [ 121 ].
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