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Download at WoweBook.Com using barcode generating for awt control to generate, create pdf417 image in awt applications. ASP.NET Web Forms Editing a Topic Editing a screenshot Editing a screen jar PDF-417 2d barcode shot is fortunately very easy, and can be done directly from the Topic Editor. One of the problems with our sample exercise is that the screenshots taken by UPK include the bar cursor (which indicates the insertion point) in the input fields. This can be distracting, especially for string input actions, where the cursor may not be completely masked by the Action Area.

If you look at Frame 4 in our original recording, you will see that the screenshot includes the cursor (immediately after the text "Dick" in the First name field), and that it protrudes out slightly below our Action Area, as shown in the screenshot below. We should remove this..

[ 138 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com 4 . This may seem ov pdf417 for Java erly fiddly, but bear in mind that we are trying to create a quality exercise that matches reality as closely as possible. You may not think this level of attention to detail is entirely necessary, but don"t say you weren"t advised..

To edit a screen shot, carry out the steps described below. 1. Open up the Topic in the Topic Editor.

2. Select the Frame that contains the screenshot that you want to edit. 3.

On the Editing Toolbar, click on the Edit screenshot button ( ). Your image editing application is started (it is best that it is not open already), and you are passed into it, as shown in the following screenshot:. (Note that the f PDF417 for Java ile name in the window title bar shows a .bmp file.) 4.

Edit the screenshot as required. How you do this will depend on your image editing software..

[ 139 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com Editing a Topic 5. Once you have pdf417 for Java finished editing the screenshot, close your image editing application. 6.

In response to the message asking you if you want to save your changes to the .bmp file, click on Yes. You are passed back into UPK.

. It is recommende d that your image editing application is not open before you click on the Edit screenshot button, and that you close it again once you have editing the screenshot. If you do not close the image editing application then the updated image will not be saved back to UPK..

You will now see pdf417 2d barcode for Java that the screenshot has been changed in the Topic Editor. The example below shows our edited Frame 4. The cursor is now no longer visible, as we edited it out Step 3, above.

. [ 140 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com 4 . Deleting Frames It is a good pra ctice to "over-capture" when recording. Capture every single thing that you do, regardless of whether you think that you will need it in the final recording. This is a useful tactic, especially if you are recording a difficultto-reproduce scenario, or consuming data that is time-consuming to set up.

Alternatively, you may adjust some element on the screen (such as resizing or repositioning a dialog box) to create a more effective screenshot, but do not want this adjustment to be included in the final recording. In these cases (and no doubt in countless other cases), you may need to delete a Frame from your recording. In our sample exercise, we have a further example of where it is desirable to delete a Frame.

When we recorded the Action to select a date format, the date format that we want the trainee to select is at the top of the drop-down list, and is initially not visible. We therefore had to scroll up in this list, and then select the required entry, as shown in the following screenshot:. [ 141 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com Editing a Topic Our exercise wou ld be more effective if the drop-down list showed the required entry when we first opened it, so the trainee can just click on the required entry. Although this is not strictly "as we did it", or "true to life", this will not be evident in our final recording. It is important, when building exercises, to think about exactly what you need to teach your trainees.

The chances are (in this example) that our trainees are already familiar with scrollbars, so having them scroll up is not really a "value-add" learning activity. In addition, consider Know It! mode do you really want to test your trainee"s ability to correctly use the scrollbar Probably not. So, for our sample exercise, we will remove this Frame (on which the trainee is required to scroll up) from our recording.

To delete a Frame from a recording, carry out the steps described below: 1. Open the Topic from which you want to delete the Frame, in the Topic Editor. 2.

Click on the Frame that you want to delete. In our example, this is Frame B, as shown in the previous screenshot. 3.

Select menu option Delete. Frame ( ). (You pdf417 for Java could also click on the Delete button ( ) on the Standard Toolbar, and then select Frame ( ) from the drop-down list.) A confirmation message is displayed, as shown below:.

4. Click on Yes to delete the Frame. 5.

Save and then close the Topic. If you now play the Topic through, it goes from selecting the drop-down button for the Date format field (Frame A), straight to selecting option 1 DD.MM.

YYYY (Frame C). To the trainee, it is seamless..

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