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Exercise 1 using none toattach none for web,windows applicationpdf-417 .net 1. How would you go none none about displaying French text 2. How would you use text that spans multiple lines 3.

Set your favorite language in your browser to some other value (for example; Spanish) and bring up the page again. 4. Skim through the documentation of Struts.

5. It was indicated in the chapter that English is the default language; is this correct Swap the file names over: change to application_de.

properties and vice versa. What happens now if you try to access the page using a preferred language that isn"t supported . ean13 Summary. This chapter covered none none the step-by-step installation of Tomcat and the Struts Framework. We finished up with a basic JSP page that displays text in different languages using Struts" internationalization features..

The Struts Shop In this chapter, we none for none start the task of developing an online bookshop that will help us to learn the fundamental concepts of building any such application. We also discuss the installation of the MySQL database and the creation of the first database table..

3.1 Why a Bookstore One problem when lea none for none rning any new technology is that one gets introduced to only fragments of it. Unless how everything fits together to create a complete application is explained, it can be hard putting it all into context. By creating an extensive project during the course of the book, we will see how Struts is used in the real world.

A bookstore is a very common choice of example for a web application. Its fundamental concepts are easy to understand and many parts are readily portable to other applications. Avoiding a long overworked list, the requirements are as follows: Books and authors are stored by the system.

Books can be displayed to users. Customers can register and later log on. Customers can add books to their shopping cart.

A database is used to store the shopping cart (as well as other data). Transactions can be executed..

3.2 Iterations The shop will be dev none for none eloped in several steps or iterations to implement numerous functionalities as fast as possible, while still covering all the important ideas and concepts of Struts. For this, features will be developed twice: first in "classic" JSP without Struts, and then using Struts..

The Struts Shop In some cases, the e none none lements of the Struts solution will be the same as without Struts. In such a case, instead of giving the full explanation for the Struts part, the reader will be referred back to the relevant sections discussed earlier. It"s quite common to find that appreciation of a technique comes only when you find yourself in trouble and experience the problems that the technique can avoid; and then you embrace it with open arms instead of resisting it.

The development of the shop will follow several steps. First, the basic structure of the shop is developed and a multilingual welcome site is created. Then, we will create the Book and Author tables in the database.

From there, we will delve further into Struts as we build up the shop"s functionality in the coming chapters. Building the forms for customer registration and setting up session management will bring us considerably closer to our final goal. Lastly, we build the shopping cart and order functionality.

The following list summarizes these steps: 1. 2. 3.

4. Welcome site Enter the books and authors into the tables Customer registration Shopping cart and transaction system. Before we get starte d, a final cautionary note is in order. Just in case you were thinking of it: the finished shop will function perfectly well as it is, but it lacks the performance and security optimizations required for deployment as a commercial application. Additionally, today"s online customer expects a greater diversity of features than the essentials that we cover here.

With that said, let"s move on and take an overview of the bookstore..
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