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Solutions using barcode drawer for jar control to generate, create barcode code39 image in jar applications. Code 128 Code Set C 9: Controller and Templates 2. Create a new JSP with any name and call it through StartServlet. Delete the JSP and try to call it again (without reloading the context).

You will see that you can insert and delete a file at run time. This advantage fades away if you have to build logic in the controller, for example, testing for authentication..

10: Putting it All Together Exercise 4 3. Consider what is required Java barcode 3 of 9 to allow customers to make changes to their shopping cart, such as increasing or decreasing the number of books. For this, a function must be created.

You can do to this in two ways using a Form and Action and everything that belongs to them or through a Link and a direct call to a servlet. This link then will contain the ISBN number and a + (plus) and - (minus) respectively. The count will be changed as per current visitor.

If the quantity reaches zero, the product will be deleted. Subsequently, the shopping cart is refreshed..

Exercise 5 2. You will have noticed the barcode code39 for Java use of return statements to terminate page processing. Why does the page function this way What is the problem with this approach See the source code of the generated HTML page and of the generated Servlets in the.

c:\tomcat\work directory. 3. Prices are again handled Java Code 39 Full ASCII as int and must be rounded off. Why not simply use double values and save the effort of formatting Test a few calculations, and you should be able to spot the problem! Java rounds off.

Division will result in absolute value of 100000001 instead of 1. In order to correct this, a corresponding operation must be carried out. See in the API for class java.


12: JSTL Exercise 3 1. What happens, if you mist ype and write <c:out value="${x.mitle}" /> instead of <c:out value="${x.

title}" /> Compare that with the following: <c:forEach var="x" items="${cat.books}"> instead of <c:forEach var="x" items="${cata.books}">.

Appendix A The old notation gives out a compilation error. The use of JSTL does not give this error. See also the next exercise for this.

2. What are the effects of not treating null pointers as errors, but simply ignoring them How does it affect the troubleshooting process You might have sensed that very strong opinions have been expressed about this. Do not just accept it.

Find out the arguments against it. It"s something the developers from Sun thought long and hard about before choosing this behavior. If you don"t have enough related experience, then talk to a veteran who"s had to maintain a program with more than ten thousand lines.

Ask a Perl guru if they have ever used the strict option and why. Lot of people would have learned programming on the C64 with Basic and considered JavaScript, Perl, and PHP to be their kind of programming languages. But once you learn Java, do some projects, and use server-side JavaScript in complex projects, you start admiring it despite its complexities.

This is mainly because the compiler eliminates many sources of errors. With client-side JavaScript, it often happens that one of the branches of an If statement is called only after weeks. To find and correct errors in that particular If statement (which might be just spelling mistakes) at that point of time will be laborious.

. Glossary Few, but effective words are enough to instruct. Seneca Apache The Apache Software Foundation is a widely spread group of volunteers responsible for open-source projects around the world. Besides the popular Apache Web server, another JSP-related project by this group that is quite popular and very important is the Jakarta Project.

It offers the open-source solutions for the Java platform and the Apache XML project. See www.apache.

org,, and xml. Application Server The Application Server makes application programs available for the users over the Web.

It is also responsible for the execution of database access for a web application. The server can be on the same computer as the Web server or can reside on a different computer. Bytecode This is an intermediate code between a high-level programming language like Java, Smalltalk, Lisp, and so on and machine code executable in a particular environment.

It is built by a corresponding compiler. This bytecode contains the instructions for a virtual machine and is platform independent. To execute the bytecode on a particular platform, we need a bytecode interpreter that emulates the virtual machine.

CGI (Common Gateway Interface) /CGI Script CGI is a standard that defines the communication of a user with a web server over the Internet. A CGI script is an external application that is executed as a response to a request from a browser to the web server. For example, if a user fills out a form on a website, the CGI script validates the information and passes that information to the database program of the server.

CGI script can be written in various languages such as Perl, C, C++, and Visual Basic..
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