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Allow Account Entry using barcode drawer for none control to generate, create none image in none applications. ISBN - 10 Category Posting Type Typical Balance Level of Posting from Series Include in Lookup [ 170 ]. 6 . Field User Defined Buttons at the bottom Explanation Four none for none additional fields are available to hold information for each account. When migrating from other systems these are sometimes used to store the corresponding account numbers from the old system. Summary History Budget Analysis Currency Opens the summary of the period balances for the selected account for open years.

Opens the summary of the period balances for the selected account for historical years. Opens the Budget Maintenance window to allow entry or changes of budgets (the budget must already exist). Opens the Account Analysis Defaults window of the Multidimensional Analysis (MDA) module.

Allows multicurrency setup for the account this will not be available until the currency settings for the company are completed and is typically easier done on a more global scale, rather than one account at a time.. Everything on th e Account Maintenance window can be changed at a later time, except the Account number. The Professional Services Tools Library, available from Microsoft, includes a tool to change or combine account numbers if this is needed. (More information on this can be found in 10, Training, Tools, and Next Steps.

) The following is a typical General Ledger account:. [ 171 ]. System and Company Setup Multicurrency If you are follo wing the Setup Checklist in Dynamics GP, Multicurrency setup is listed under the Financial series, however it is important to complete this before some of the other setup steps. Even if you are not planning on using the Multicurrency functionality, you will need to define the functional currency for your Dynamics GP company. Navigate to Microsoft Dynamics GP .

Tools Setup Financial Multicurrency t o open the Multicurrency Setup window. Select your Functional Currency, Reporting Currency, and the Default Transaction Rate Types. If you will be using Multicurrency, decide whether to allow the Exchange Rate Options and (optionally) enter Passwords for each selection:.

Note that the pa none none sswords are not masked, so anyone with access to this window will be able to see and change them. When the settings on this window are changed, you will receive the following pop-up message:. [ 172 ]. 6 . Check Links is a process that checks for consistency between related Dynamics GP tables, restores missing or damaged data, and clears out orphaned records. Best practice is to make a backup of your DYNAMICS and company databases prior to running this process. Check links is found under Microsoft Dynamics GP .

Maintenance Check Links. Se lect Financial under Series, select Multicurrency Setup in the list of Logical Tables and click Insert to move your selection to the Selected Tables list..

When you click O none none K you will be asked for a Report Destination, choose Screen. This process should run fairly quickly and return with a No errors found message on the report. If your report shows any errors, consult with your Dynamics GP resource.

. [ 173 ]. System and Company Setup If you are plann ing on using Multicurrency and have already set up exchange rate tables during the system setup in the preceding sections, you can complete the Multicurrency setup for your Dynamics GP company by navigating to Microsoft Dynamics GP . Tools Setup Financial Rate Types. One at a time, select the Exchange Table IDs that you plan to use with this company and the Rate Types to be used with each. The Accounts button will open the Multicurrency Posting Account Setup by Rate Type window where you can select realized gain/loss and rounding accounts for this particular exchange rate table and type.

If you will be using different GL accounts for different exchange rates and types, fill in the accounts on this window. Otherwise, if these accounts will be the same for all exchange rates and types, leave this blank. You will have an opportunity to define these accounts on a company-wide basis further on in the setup process.

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