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SharePoint Essentials use visual studio .net barcode standards 128 implementation toprint code128 on .net iPhone OS The Ribbon is becoming the USS Code 128 for .NET universal UI across all of Microsoft Office"s product offerings, so it really has to be embraced..

This chapter"s focus is on UI outline and we will expand on functionality in later chapters. For now, take a look at this website that explains and demonstrates the UI in detail:. code 128 barcode for .

NET arn/courses/SharePoint2010Developer/ UiEnhancements/TheSharePointFluentUserInterface. The Ribbon The Ribbon is a key user in Code 128C for .NET terface feature that extends toolbar functionality. The intention behind the Ribbon UI is to make editing and content search simpler, allowing the user to drill into the Ribbon, and create and edit content more easily.

. The preceding screenshot sh ows the Ribbon UI (highlighted) on a typical SharePoint page. By clicking on the Page tab, further Ribbon functionality that is purposely hidden is displayed..

[ 30 ]. 2 . The user has editor permissions on this page. In the preceding example, f unctionality has been categorized into sections that include Edit, Manage, Share & Track, Page Actions, and Page Library. These represent categorized functionality that is available, and so if you wish to edit a document, the button will be in the Edit section of the Ribbon. When clicking on the Edit button on the left-hand side, the Ribbon will change again and display text-editing functionality.

. In the preceding example, n Code-128 for .NET otice an Editing Tools section has appeared on the Ribbon. This is because the user is currently editing text.

If there was a requirement to insert a file or image, the Insert tab would be clicked and the Ribbon would change further, displaying functionality to add/insert content to the page as in the following screenshot:. The dynamically changing UI theme is consistent with SharePoint 2010. The advantage of this navigational method is that the user is always on the same screen for editing and creating content and is not redirected to another screen, only to be taken back to the screen they are editing afterwards..

[ 31 ]. SharePoint Essentials To add and create content, Code 128 Code Set B for .NET it is just a matter of the user reaching up to the Ribbon to select what they want to do. The user"s editing actions are deliberately directed to a single area of the screen to simplify the editing process.

. Clearly, the Ribbon UI in S harePoint is replicating the Office 2007/2010 interface so there is a single interface experience with Microsoft"s suite of applications.. Site navigation Site navigation is typical of any intranet site, with top and left-side navigational panes, and content in the middle.. The top and side navigation .NET Code128 al menus can be edited with a site"s Site Settings page where you can make changes in the Navigation Editing and Sorting section..

[ 32 ]. 2 . Breadcrumb menus Breadcrumbs, or what is som Code 128 Code Set A for .NET etimes known as a Breadcrumb Trail, is a navigation aid used in user interfaces, including SharePoint 2007. It gives users a way to keep track of their location within a site.

Typically, these appear horizontally across the top part of a web page and represent a site, library, or a folder name. This is illustrated as follows:. A greater-than sign (>) often serves as a hierarchy separator. In the preceding screenshot, Home and Sales are different sites and Sales Orders is the library. Software and Renewals is a folder within this library.

. In the preceding screenshot .NET Code 128C , if the user clicked on Sales Orders, the Sales Order page would load. The breadcrumb concept has been replaced with a folder icon button, which will display the page on the site with an indented hierarchical view of your current location.

. When you click on the Navigational Up button, the breadcrumb menu is displayed. The approach of combining t .NET USS Code 128 he functionality of a Site Map and Breadcrumb menu is new to website design. This is an innovative approach for Microsoft as this is not done with most websites and is particularly good when sites are large with many sections, which would otherwise result in the breadcrumb menu approach taking up too much of the page.

This new method of navigation changes the whole user navigation experience and also, by clicking on the Navigation Up button, optimizes page usage by hiding the site hierarchy until it is required.. [ 33 ].
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