Personal documents in .NET Add Code 128 Code Set C in .NET Personal documents

Personal documents generate, create code-128c none in .net projects ASP.NET Web Application Framework This document library is VS .NET barcode code 128 private and can only be accessed by you. It is the same in principle as a user"s home directory on a file server, and can be used to store documents that you do not want to share with anyone else.

It is not uncommon for users to be reluctant to save incomplete files on a SharePoint site and prefer to save the file to their desktop. This is understandable, but there is no version control or selective feedback from team members through a workflow. By using the personal documents library, the benefits of SharePoint are available where the content is restricted to you.

Saving important documents to your desktop is not advised because content is not backed up on a daily basis. Because you have designer permissions to your My Site, you have the ability to create lists and libraries, which may be restricted on other SharePoint sites. To view another user"s My Site, click on the Modified By column in a view of a list or library, or use SharePoint"s search functionality.

. Shared documents This document library is Code 128A for .NET intended to be shared with other SharePoint users that access your personal site. Everyone in the organization can read and copy content, but they cannot update content that is stored in this library.

My Sites should not be used as a permanent repository for team collaboration content because your My Site can grow into a mini website. It is designed for personal end user use rather than a fully functional team site. If end users beg to store a lot of content here, the content managers should consider moving it to an appropriate site.

Also, if an employee leaves the company, the user account may be deleted along with their My Site and its content.. [ 296 ]. 14 . Shared pictures Other This library can be utili Code 128C for .NET zed as a photo album: a place to store and share pictures with other SharePoint users that access your personal site..

Additional libraries avai lable in your personal site include Customized Reports, Form Templates, and the Style Library. The Customized Reports library is meant to act as a repository for web analytics. The Form Templates library is meant to host form templates that would be made administratively available to you, based on organizational need.

The purpose of the Style Library is to host style sheets and other files associated with branding and customization of My Sites. These libraries are used less frequently and an in-depth examination of each is outside the scope of this book..

My Profile page The My Profile page is th e default landing page for your personal site, for you and for others accessing your site. This page provides an abundance of information and gives you the ability to manage details about yourself, colleagues, and memberships. In addition, the content and information that is displayed can be managed using views.

A few out of the box views are as follows: Everyone: This view will enable every user that has access to your SharePoint site to see your content Only Me: This view will only enable you (the site owner) to see your content My Colleagues: This view will enable every user that you have listed in your My Colleagues list to see your content My Manager: This view will only enable your manager (pulled from Active Directory) to see your content. [ 297 ]. My Sites My Team: This view will e Visual Studio .NET ANSI/AIM Code 128 nable specific users that you have identified in your My Colleagues list to see your content. These settings provide us eful personalization of information to certain groups of workers and team members who are more active than others in their day-to-day work.. We encourage you to apply visual .net barcode standards 128 settings that you think are most beneficial to you and your team. However, if you work in a large company and everyone can see your cell phone numbers, you run the risk of being inundated with requests from co-workers because the SharePoint site will probably be the tool of choice for workers to find someone with a specific skill set and their corresponding contact number within the company.

. The My Profile page is di vided into the following six tabs: Overview Organization Content Tags and Notes Colleagues Memberships. [ 298 ].
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