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Download at WoweBook.Com Download at WoweBook.Com SOA and Its Evolution Service-Orient none none ed Architecture (SOA) is fundamentally a loosely coupled computing paradigm and has become a key ingredient of modern business applications and IT infrastructure. Now accepted quite widely by user communities and heavily backed by major software vendors such as Oracle, IBM, SAP, and Microsoft, SOA tools and practices are maturing fast. Since this book is focused on teaching how to use a SOA-enabling tool set, and not on deep exploration of SOA philosophies and methodologies, we will only briefly go over some of the essential aspects of SOA in a refresher style so as to provide you with a reasonable context.

Much of the content in this chapter will serve as general background information on SOA and can be useful for overall practice of SOA. In what is to follow, we touch upon what SOA and its essential constituent services are, and why one should one even bother about SOA. We recount how the basics of SOA have evolved and the direction it is headed.

We conclude the chapter with an introductory treatise on Service Component Architecture (SCA), as familiarity with SCA concepts is helpful in appreciating the workings of Oracle SOA Suite 11g tool set..
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