SugarCRM Professional/Enterprise Editions in .NET Printing Universal Product Code version A in .NET SugarCRM Professional/Enterprise Editions

SugarCRM Professional/Enterprise Editions use .net framework upc-a integration toconnect universal product code version a with .net Barcode FAQs SugarCRM has UPC-A Supplement 5 for .NET been a pioneer of sorts in the business software marketplace. Its most notable difference to its competitors and other vendors in that space is that it is an open source product where most others are closed-source, proprietary systems.

Like any other company, they must model their business in such a way that allows them to make some money, or they would cease to exist. This presents a unique challenge for a company whose flagship product is an open source solution, as the solution is freely available to one and all. SugarCRM has tackled this challenge quite effectively by offering different editions of SugarCRM, as we have discussed earlier in this book.

. [ 165 ]. The SugarCRM Ecosystem In this sect ion, we will explore some of the more important differences between the commercial offerings and Community Edition. This information will help you better assess whether or not an upgrade to either Professional or Enterprise Edition is a more appropriate choice for your needs..

Product catalog and products module CRM systems like SugarCRM and other vendors are all referred to as front office applications. The front of the business is the customer-facing part of the business and it is where these applications are frequently used. The back office applications are those that interface with internal operations and suppliers, and prepare financial statements and results.

Integrating front and back-office operations into one application is the goal of expensive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems for large enterprises (such as SAP). These solutions typically cost millions of dollars. Arguably, NetSuite (the name of the company and also the name of its premium product) is the best of the systems targeted at smaller businesses in terms of being able to integrate front and back-office activities into a single system.

However, it is also quite expensive and only available as an on-demand solution. In practice, many smaller businesses can gain most of the benefits of an integrated system by simply adding the most frequently and broadly used aspects of the backend activities into the front-end application having it also cover what we might perhaps call the middle. That would include the preparation of customer quotations, invoices, sales orders, and potentially even order processing.

If your CRM system can help you do this, then the wide parts of your company the customer-facing and customer-affecting parts, have been made much more efficient. If you have such an extended CRM system (now covering front and middle), and link the resulting invoice or sales order data to your accounting system (by data export, or by web service linkages to online systems), you can create a very effective solution at a bargain price. You can also create a situation where only a limited number of user licenses are required for the accounting software.

Only the real accounting people who are posting transactions to ledgers need licenses which is not the case with an integrated system. This approach also relegates the accounting function truly to the back-office minimizing that part of the business which has no direct involvement with the customer or profit creation..

[ 166 ]. 6 . SugarCRM Com VS .NET UCC - 12 munity Edition does not have any of these back-office (or perhaps, middle-office) capabilities, but SugarCRM Professional and Enterprise do include modules that support this approach. The initial two modules of this type are the product catalog and the products module.

The product catalog is in the administrator area of the system and keeps track of the products you have available for sale, the quantity in stock, and other attributes. The products module then keeps track of the movements of those products any units that have been quoted, ordered, or shipped to customers. Let us examine these components in greater depth.

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