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Designing Site Layouts using none toincoporate none with web,windows applicationpdf-417 generating .net Starting a new design project 4-State Customer Barcode When you op en Inkscape, it opens to a new document. However, we want to ensure that we have a page size that is the right size for our web page, so we create a new document based on predefined desktop sizes, which are common web page sizes, as follows: 1. From the main menu select File and then New.

A pop-up menu appears showing a number of default page sizes to choose from.. Choose a template size based on the browser standards or specifications. Most of the templates in this menu are based on web designs. If you want to view the print media template sizes, go to the main menu and select File and Document Properties and view the Format section..

2. We"ll ch none none oose desktop_800x600. However, the dimensions should be specified by how your target viewer will view the site, whether it is via a computer, or via a mobile device.

Also, sometimes your client or company will specify a specific size your web pages need to be. A new document opens in Inkscape and you are ready to begin. Let"s set a few more preferences and then save the file with your project name before we start designing.

. [ 42 ]. 2 . Using grids and guidelines When design none none ing any space on the web keep the page clean and as stated in the design principles and techniques aligned. So let"s make the canvas grid viewable on the screen and set up some guidelines based on our wireframes..

Viewing the grid With your n none for none ew document still open on your computer, on the Inkscape main menu select View and then Grid.. You"ll see that a blue grid will appear across the entire canvas area. We"ll use these grids to create basic areas of our layout and then create guides to begin creating our actual layout elements..

Making guides Guides are lines on the screen that you will use for aligning i.e. guiding objects.

These lines are only seen while you are working in Inkscape and we can set objects to "snap to" them when we are designing. Both of these simple tools (guides and the Snap to feature) will give you automatic alignment for the basic areas of your web page layout which in turn will help your web page have the best design..

[ 43 ]. Designing Site Layouts To create a none none guide in any open document, make sure the Select tool is selected and drag from the left side or top of the screen towards your page as shown in the following screenshot. A red line represents the guide until you "let go" of the guide and place it on the page. Then the line turns blue.

. You can mov e the guides after placing them on the page, by using the select tool and clicking and dragging the circle node on the guide. Now let"s discuss how to use wireframes and create guides based on those web page layout elements..

Creating a new layer When you cr eate documents within Inskcape, you can have layers of objects. This gives great flexibility when creating web layouts. You can move groups of objects on a layer, separate objects by layer, and "stack", re-ordered, or hide layers.

Settings can be set by layer, so you can save drafts or different versions of mockups and keep all of this in one file. The layer you are currently using is called the drawing layer. It is selected in the Layer Dialog and is shown in a darker color.

In your open document with viewable grids let"s make the layers viewable and create a layer called Basic Layout. 1. To make the Layers Dockable Dialog viewable, from the main menu select Layer and then Layers.

On the right side of your screen the Layers Dialog is displayed.. [ 44 ].
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