public abstract class RealTimeGame : Game in Java Creation qr-codes in Java public abstract class RealTimeGame : Game

public abstract class RealTimeGame : Game generate, create qrcode none for java projects QR Code Add the fo Quick Response Code for Java llowing line of code at the beginning (as we are inheriting from Balder"s Game class):. using Balder.Core;. Add the fo j2se QRCode llowing private variables and one property to handle the ticks and the elapsed time between each rendered frame:. // Holds t he time when the method finished rendering a frame protected DateTime _lastTick; // Holds the elapsed time after the last call to the Update method protected TimeSpan _elapsedTime; public TimeSpan ElapsedTime { get { return _elapsedTime; } }. Add the fo Denso QR Bar Code for Java llowing public abstract method to encapsulate updates based on the elapsed time (previously saved on _elapsedTime):. public abs tract void UpdateWithTime();. Override t spring framework QR Code ISO/IEC18004 he Loaded method to save the current time for the first time:. public ove rride void Loaded() { [ 232 ]. 8 base.Lo awt Denso QR Bar Code aded(); // Save the current time _lastTick = DateTime.Now; }.

Override t he Update method to calculate and save the elapsed time and save the new time after updating the game:. public ove qr bidimensional barcode for Java rride void Update() { base.Update(); // Hold the elapsed time after the last call to this method _elapsedTime = (DateTime.Now - _lastTick); UpdateWithTime(); // Save the current time _lastTick = DateTime.

Now; }. What just happened The code t awt QR-Code o define a game that handles the elapsed time between each rendered frame is now held in the new RealTimeGame class (a subclass of Game). As it is an abstract class, we will have to create new subclasses inheriting from RealTimeGame to specialize the behavior of our game. Once the models are loaded, the game runs the code added in the Loaded method.

The code will save the current time. This will be the first value for the _lastTick variable. Then, the engine will call the Update method for each frame.

Therefore, we had to override this method to calculate and save the elapsed time in the _elapsedTime variable. Then, it calls the abstract UpdateWithTime method. This way, we make sure that the code written in this method in the subclasses will have access to a value in the _elapsedTime variable and in the ElapsedTime read-only property.

Once the UpdateWithTime method finishes its execution, we save the current time in the _lastTick variable.. Time for action specializing a game superclass Now, we ca Java Quick Response Code n specialize RealTimeGame instead of using subclasses of Game. This requires a small change to the code. We have to override the UpdateWithTime method instead of overriding the Update method.

Besides, we have to remove the line base.Update(); used in the Update method. These changes will allow us to animate 3D characters taking into account the elapsed time.

. 1. 2..

Stay in the 3DInvadersSilverlight project. Open InvadersGame.cs. [ 233 ]. Animating 3D Characters Replace th e declaration for the InvadersGame class with this one. (Now, it will be a subclass of RealTimeGame.):.

public class InvadersGame : RealTimeGame Replace th e declaration of the Update method with the following. (Now, we override the UpdateWithTime method instead.):.

public ove QR Code JIS X 0510 for Java rride void UpdateWithTime(). 5. 6..

Remove or QR for Java comment the following line of code in this method:. //base.Update();. Build and QR Code 2d barcode for Java run the solution. The application will run as in the previous examples. You will not notice any changes.

. What just happened We made th jsp QR-Code e necessary changes to our main Game class to specialize the new RealTimeGame superclass. Now, we will be able to animate the 3D characters whilst considering the elapsed time..

Time for action creating a subclass for a 3D character Now, we ar jar Denso QR Bar Code e going to create a specialized subclass of Actor (Balder.Core.Runtime.

Actor) for the UFO. This is our first intent to generalize many behaviors related to 3D characters. In this case, it is a 3D character composed of just one model (an instance of Mesh).

. 1. 2. 3.

. Stay in th qr barcode for Java e3DInvadersSilverlight project. Create a new class Ufo (a subclass of Actor) using the following declaration:. public class Ufo : Actor Add the fo Denso QR Bar Code for Java llowing lines of code at the beginning (as we are going to use many of Balder"s classes and interfaces):. using usin g using using Balder.Core; Balder.Core.

Geometries; Balder.Core.Math; Balder.

Core.Runtime;. Add the fo qr barcode for Java llowing protected variables to hold references for the RealTimeGame and the Scene instances:. protected RealTimeGame _game; protected Scene _scene; [ 234 ].
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